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Buying & Selling Silver Coins, Bars, Jewelery & Silverware

At Houston Precious Metals we specialize in buying and selling all precious metals including silver. Do you have an old set of silverware that you would like to cash in for extra spending money? How about some jewelry that never gets worn? Let us take your slilver and turn it into cash. We also sell old and new silver. We keep a well stocked inventory of silver and are ready to buy or sell. Call for your current quote.
  • 1 oz Silver Rounds
  • 1 oz US Silver Eagles
  • 10 oz Silver Bars
  • 100 oz Silver Bars
  • US 90% Silver Coins ( Dimes, Quarters and Halves)
  • US 90% old Silver Dollars, Peace Dollars, 1921 Morgan Dollars, 1878 - 1904 Morgan Dollars